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It is essential that you read this privacy agreement carefully as it describes how we collect, use, disclose, maintain, and protect the personal information of data subjects.

The Privacy Policy of Brasão Rosa applies to any website, app or service contemplated in this privacy agreement. Whenever personal information is transmitted to us, we will only request that which we consider strictly necessary for the purpose, and you will accept the collection, storage and use of the data for: a) the fulfilment of the contractual obligations we have undertaken; b) legitimate interest in relation to the processing of the data (i.e. for internal administrative purposes, data analysis and definition of performance indicators, direct marketing, maintenance of backup systems or to detect or prevent crimes); or c) on the basis of consent, which may be withdrawn at any time, as described in this privacy notice.


Privacy policy of Brasão Rosa, Lda.:

Brasão Rosa, Lda. safeguards the right to the protection of the data voluntarily provided by the Data Holder, which will be treated confidentially, according to the terms of the law in force.

All personal data collected on any website, app or service of Brasão Rosa, Lda. is used to make the visit of our users as effective and functional as possible. We guarantee the treatment of all personal information relating to users, subscribers, customers or visitors who use our website, app or service, in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation and complementary, in its ambiguities, with the Law of Protection of Personal Data of 26 October 1998 (Law No. 67/98).

The personal information collected includes: username, personal name, e-mail, customer type and code, address, telephone number, tax number and/or where you do business.

The use of the website, app or service of Brasão Rosa, Lda. assumes the acceptance of this privacy policy. Brasão Rosa, Lda. team reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice, communicating any changes that impact the privacy of your data. Even so, we recommend that you consult our privacy policy regularly to be always up to date.

By accepting this privacy policy, you are giving your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data made available here, according to the requirements described herein and in accordance with the law in force.



We use cookies to store information, including your personal preferences when you visit our platform. You can disable cookies at any time in your browser options or by making changes in your antivirus tools. Disabling cookies may interfere with your experience on our platform.

Collection and Treatment

Brasão Rosa, Lda., within the context described above and as permitted by the applicable legislation, collects and processes personal data concerning the client, which is provided when:

- You register to use our websites, apps or services; 
- You place an order through our websites, apps or services;
- You complete online forms (including new contact requests); 
- You participate in satisfaction surveys or fill out forms (for example, a form to report any problems with your order); 
- Or participate in another interactive area on our website, app or service;

Interact with us on social media.

Some personal data must be obligatorily provided as they are required in the procedures of the services. In each case, Brasão Rosa, Lda. will inform the user of the compulsory nature of the supply of the personal data in question. The personal data collected are processed by computer, in compliance with the Portuguese legislation for the protection of personal data. You can always access your protected data and request their alteration or correction, should there be an error or incompleteness.

Purpose of data processing

The data collected and treated according to the use of the services in the platform of Brasão Rosa, Lda. have the objective to operationalize and fulfill the services requested by the client. The data collected and treated may be used for internal statistical purposes, market studies and promotions and marketing actions. In no situation the data collected will be used for a purpose other than that for which the consent was issued by the holder of the data, except where it is necessary to comply with a judicial order or to respect the competent authority in the terms of the legislation in force.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we use your information to:

- To provide you with any ordering or purchasing information or service; 
- To manage our relationship with you (e.g. customer service and support activities);
- To manage and improve customer satisfaction; 
- To monitor, measure, improve and protect our content, website, apps and services and to give you an improved and personalized user experience; 
- Display targeted advertising, marketing (including on-device notifications) or send you useful information based on your use of our apps and services;

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we retain information concerning you after you close your account if your request for an account with Brasão Rosa is denied or if you decide not to complete the process. This information will be maintained and used as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention and legitimate business purposes.

We may monitor and record communications with you, including email messages and telephone conversations. The information we collect may then be used to improve our service and market offerings, quality control, to record information about our website, apps and services that you order from us or for which you request information from us, and generally to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.


Entity responsible for data processing:

The entity responsible for collecting and treating the user's personal data, which determines the purposes and methods of treatment, is the entity where the user registered, that is, Brasão Rosa collects and treats the user's personal data as a contracted party, according to the terms defined in the legislation in force.



Safety measures:

Brasão Rosa assures adequate levels of security and protection of personal data. To comply with this, several security measures have been adopted, with technical and organizational character, to protect the personal data provided against diffusion, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized treatment or access, as well as against any other form of illicit treatment. Upon registration, all the personal data that the User provides is stored safely in the systems of Brasão Rosa, Lda., respecting all the physical and logical security measures necessary for data protection.

Employees authorized to access personal data are bound by the duty of confidentiality.



Data Retention Time:

Where there is no specific legal requirement, data will be stored and retained only for the minimum period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed.

In case of registration and non-activation of the account within 30 days, the data will be automatically deleted.



Communication of the data to other entities:

Brasão Rosa, according to the treatment of the data provided, may use third parties to provide services, always guaranteeing the previous consent, to allow these entities access to the user's personal data. When this happens, Brasão Rosa takes the adequate precautions to guarantee that the entities with access to the data are trustworthy and offer guarantees in this aspect. In any case, Brasão Rosa will remain responsible for the personal data. In legal terms, Brasão Rosa guarantees the user the possibility of opposing the communication of data to third parties.

You have the right to request not to be contacted for marketing purposes. If you wish to exercise these rights, you may do so by choosing your contact preferences at the time you provide us with your information on our websites, apps or services, through any preference center to which we give you access, or by emailing us at geral@brasaorosa.pt if no such alternative is available.


Acceptance and modification of the privacy policy:

The rules of this Privacy Policy complement the dispositions on personal data foreseen in the terms and conditions of use of any website, app or service that refers to the Privacy Policy of Brasão Rosa, Lda.

Brasão Rosa, Lda. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be published in this Privacy Policy and the material changes will be applicable to the activities and data collected in the future. The provision of personal data by the holder implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of this Privacy Policy. By providing your personal data, the user authorizes the collection, use and disclosure according to the rules defined in the applicable collection instrument.

Right of access to personal data: 

In compliance with the Data Protection Law, the user will be able to change, correct or eliminate his personal data with Brasão Rosa, Lda. the entity responsible for the treatment of personal data.


Right to be forgotten:

According to the Data Protection Act, if you (the data subject) want your data to be deleted, you must access it via our websites, apps or services in the “Help” menu, item “Contact” in the form provided, and proceed to complete and submit it. If this is inaccessible, you should send an email message to geral@brasaorosa.pt. Your request will be processed within a maximum of 30 days.


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